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Versus - Allure

1200 SEK

V/SYDORW Stockholm's VERSUS Collection fuses together style and premium materials, offering personalized bracelets that set the finishing touch to your look and elevates your style to another level.

The signature double wrap bracelets are handmade in Sweden out of the finest genuine Italian Nappa leather, the V/SYDORW Stockholm brand tag and functional magnetic stainless steal clasps. The leather has a superb quality that lasts over time, yet a smooth feel offering the bearer the best comfort possible. The clasp contain strong magnets and an extra safe hasp to ensure that the bracelet always stays on your wrist. 

A VERSUS bracelet is by itself the perfect sophisticated detail to add to refined everyday outfits, but it is also brilliant to stack together with our other collections. All our collections are carefully designed with selected color schemes and dimensions that enables you to create a perfectly composed wrist game. 

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Superior genuine Italian Nappa leather chord and stainless steel clasp and pendant. Width of the leather cord: 4mm.


"Allure" is one of our most beloved colours. It's a sophisticated navy shade, that is flattering to any look.

Size guidelines

Our size formula is created to give you a perfect custom fit, without being to tight or loose anywhere at your wrist. We recommend for you to measure your wrist and choose the size according to our recommendations below.

XXXS suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  14 cm

XXS suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  15 cm

XS suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  16 cm

S suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  17 cm

M suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  18 cm

L suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  19 cm

XL suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  20 cm

XXL suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  21 cm

XXXL suitable for a wrist measuring less than:  22 cm


You can add engraving to the backside of the disc pendant on your bracelet. To order this item with engraving, first add this bracelet to your shopping cart then add the engraving article to your cart as well and at checkout please advise what you want to engrave. -> Engraving

Please note

To ensure a long life time for your bracelet do not expose overly to water.


In 2013 Victoria Sydorw wanted to give her partner Olof a special gift to celebrate their time together. Olof had just started to embrace the idea of maybe adding a bracelet to his more traditional accessory range consisting of watches, cufflinks, belts and ties. Victoria catched up on that and with her background within design and handcraft she decided to produce a bracelet for him herself. She realized that a minimalistic and sophisticated design was required to elaborate this project successfully, she was also determined to choose qualitative materials and to create a functional design. Victoria surprised Olof with the heartmade bracelet at their first vacation together at the Italian Amalfi Coast and it was very appreciated. 

This was the starting point for V/SYDORW Stockholm, which has now evolved into an appreciated unisex brand worldwide. Today that first bracelet has been refined and developed into V/SYDORW Stockholms signature bracelet model Versus. The bracelets are still produced by hand in Sweden and the traces of Italy still remains since they’re made out of the finest Italian nappa leather. 


The aim of the V/SYDORW Stockholm bracelets is to provide men and women with contemporary premium bracelets in refine Scandinavian unisex design. The bracelets come in a variety of selected colors, tailormade sizes and fine materials. The quality and the custom fit is primary and not to forget the functional application. They are all designed to be able to combine with each other, making sure your wrist is always decorated to perfection. 


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